How It Works is your affordable video analysis platform. Our goal is to help you progress in snowboarding and longboarding.

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Landscape Video Snowboard

Capture your video

Go outside and get a friend or a family member to make a One Minute clip of you longboarding or snowboarding. You can use any digital video device to make your clip.

Action cams and smartphones are your best choice!

You don’t know how the clip should look like? Don’t worry – we have created a short section with tips in order to get the maximum amount of information out of it and help you progress after the video analysis.

View the tips now.

Upload your clip

Once you have created your free XRIXTRIX account you can upload your clip via our website.

Please take your time to read our tips for creating clips and compressing* them before the upload. This will save you time and data on your mobile plan.

*iOS devices compress the videos automatically. Android users will need an app to compress/transcode the clip in order to lower the size.

The video analysis

XRIXTRIX will receive a notice that your video has been uploaded and will start the reviewing process. This can take up to 24 hours.

The reviewed video will appear in your personal account area with detailed comments where you can study our recommendations.

Repeat & Improve

The last step of the process is to go out again and try to implement the suggestions from the analysis in your riding. Once you think you made progress, take another clip and upload it for the next review. It’s that easy!

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