Capture Tips

In order to get the maximum out of the one minute you submit for the analysis we collected the following tips to help you capture the perfect video.

Below is one example from real life – we can work perfectly with such a video.

Record in landscape mode

When using your camera in landscape mode you can record more data of your surrounding that are relevant for us. Try to hold the rider in the middle of the screen and not to cut legs, arms. Hold the camera steady and calm.

Make a few test videos

Try a few times and see if you are satisfied with the results. See if the video has the important parts of riding you want to show. If not, try again.

Keep the right distance

Try to keep the same distance to the person you are filming. This way the video can be analysed easier and you are not in danger to crash into your friend or film it from so far away that nothing can’t be recognised.

Mind the light

You have heard this tip from photography. Try to have the sun on your back. This way you won’t make it too hard for the camera to record the riding with proper contrast and sharpness. Also, it’s always better to record on a sunny day. We hope you get lucky with that!

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