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Hello there!

My name is Kris and I can be your professional snowboard and longboard teacher.

I have been snowboarding and skateboarding since the early 90ties and can look back at quite a long teaching experience.

Live To Ride. Ride To Live.

This sentence has been my motto for the most of my life. I have followed the development of the board sports over the last two decades and experimented with almost every new gadget and technology out there. During the last 15 winters I have been a full-time snowboard teacher in different European locations.


Some Facts

I spend roughly three to four months on my snowboard every year. This is something about 90+ days – more than most of the people spend in years.

I have studied snowboarding at the Sports Academy in Sofia and I published a book for snowboard beginners.

Back in the days I had the opportunity to start the first Snowboard School in Bulgaria and I am currently a member of the SBSSV (Salzburger Berufsschilehrer & Snowboardlehrer Verband) in Austria.

Teaching is fun.

In the last couple of years I have dedicated my summers to teaching children at all ages in different action sports, but mostly longboarding, skateboarding and inline skating.

I spend the rest of the summer with my family at the Black Sea where we can enjoy stand up paddling, surfing and kite surfing. It is a lot of fun and keeps me constantly in shape throughout the year.

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